Dr. Susan E. Compton, Superintendent

Dr. Susan E. Compton, Superintendent of Schools
Atlantic Highlands Board of Education, Highlands Board of Education and Henry Hudson Regional Board of Education


Dear Parents and Community Members:
On behalf of the Atlantic Highlands, Highlands and Henry Hudson Regional Boards of Education,
staff and administration, I extend a sincere welcome back for the 2018-2019 school year. The
“back-to-school” phenomenon affects all of us, and therefore we wish to extend a “welcome
message” to the entire community. Also, our outstanding and dedicated staff members in all
three schools are truly looking forward to year filled with a variety of learning experiences and
accomplishments for your students. Both the Atlantic Highlands and Highlands communities
have high expectations for our schools and everyone is welcomed to join us in supporting the
growth of our talented students. Back-to-school is a time of new beginnings, from little ones
walking into school for the first time to high school seniors quickly approaching graduation, as
well as new teachers and administrators, all eager to teach and inspire. Therefore, as the Tri-
District we are thrilled to welcome our new staff members for the 2018-2019 school year.
 Ms. Adrienne Spano, Tri-District Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction
 Mr. Brian Rooney, Henry Hudson Regional School, Special Education Teacher
 Ms. Jessica Porter, Henry Hudson Regional School, Special Education Teacher
 Mr. Michael Hermann, Henry Hudson Regional School, Physical Education Teacher
 Mrs. Christine De Pinto , Atlantic Highlands Elementary, 3rd Grade Teacher
 Ms. Kelsey Cerwinski, Atlantic Highlands Elementary, Language Arts/Leave Replacement
Teacher for 5 th /6 th grades for one year
 Ms. Ashley MacFarland, Highlands Elementary Part time Art Teacher
 Mr. Nicholas Mahoney, Highlands Elementary, Elementary Teacher/Math and Science
 Ms. Amanda Hogan, Highlands Elementary, Part Time Social Worker
 Mrs. Sheri Bruns, Highlands Elementary, Part Time Special Education Teacher
We want to remind you to come out and support our “Back To School Nights” which will be
held during the following times:
 Henry Hudson Regional School-Thursday, September 13 th -6:30 P.M.
 Highlands Elementary School-Thursday, September 20th-6:00 P.M.
 Atlantic Highlands Elementary School-Monday, September 17 th -6:30 P.M.
As we begin our journey into the new school year, the Tri-District Boards of Education, and
myself thank you for your continued support and invite you to continue to become involved in
our schools as we provide outstanding quality education to the students. Please, join our
administrators, staff, parents, students, and the entire community in our efforts to continue
“Celebrating Success and A Legacy of Excellence” in our three school districts. Always

remember, that education works best when it is a partnership between students, teachers,
families and community. I encourage you to visit our websites and follow our upcoming
eNewsletters. In closing, I want to express a “special thank you” to our Henry Hudson Tri-
District Education Foundation, who has raised over $79,000 dollars for our schools.

Dr. Susan E. Compton, Tri-District Superintendent